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Morning Prowl: Don Kelly, Jim Leyland, Brennan Boesch

Freep: At 31, Don Kelly remains Tigers' MVP: Most Versatile Player
And that's why he's on the team.

AL Central In Focus: What to Expect From Brennan Boesch In 2011
I think this is a pretty fair assessment of Boesch's future.

Hardball Times: Ten upcoming managerial milestones in 2011
Chris Jaffe looks at the numbers for Jim Leyland, who is just seven wins away from 1500 for his career.

Andy Oliver, Jacob Turner are aces in the hole if Tigers' rotation falters | | The Detroit News
Lynn Henning basically expanded on how I feel: With a couple prospects and a couple others, the Tigers have some interesting ideas in the minors and didn't need to sign veteran insurance policies.

Leyland plans for 'pen without Zumaya | News
Beyond Leyland's thoughts on Zumaya, the article also features some nice discussion with Ryan Perry.

Cutoff Man Podcast: Should Tigers manager Jim Leyland embrace small-ball style? |
No, the Tigers should not pursue any particular strategy pe se, they should stick to the individual strengths of the players. I didn't listen to the podcast but I agree with the quotes from the guest.

Mlive: Report -- Former MLB outfielder Raul Gonzalez tagged as Miguel Cabrera's season-long mentor Justin Morneau sees action in 'B' game
Good to see Morneau back in action. Even if he is a Twin.

White Sox: Homer only blemish in Jake Peavy's fine second spring outing
Looks like Peavy is coming back from his injury pretty well too. Kevin Slowey A Fit In Toronto?
Are the Blue Jays interested in him? Are the Twins interested in moving him? These answers and more!