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Site News: New SB Nation features to use

The developers at SB Nation have been busy, and there's a few things I think should highlight for everyone.

The first is that a newsletter has been created to bring the most interesting stories from around the sports world to your e-mail box. You can just go to the main site,, to find more information on a horizontal info bar at the top of the page.

Another development is the addition of a "Like" Facebook button on player, team and event pages. SB Nation developer Trei said about it:

Facebook uses that information to update what sports teams and athletes interest a user has. That is cool, because if you have that information set in your profile and you give a website permission to use it, the interest can be used to create personalized experiences, including publishing relevant content to their news feed.

Most Tigers players have no likes yet. So start checking out the team site and the roster and liking as many as you want!