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Morning Prowl: Carlos Guillen, Jose Valverde, Adam Wilk

DetNews: Tigers' offense looks 'real nice' to Jim Leyland
Of course, saying that might jinx it, Leyland adds Sore left knee may keep Tigers second baseman Carlos Guillen out of opener
Carlos Guillen's sore knee means he probably won't start the season with the Tigers.

Roar of the Tigers: Jose Valverde is a rock star
When Sam doodles, I link.

AL Central In Focus: The Battle For The Tigers Final Outfield Spot
Corey is higher on Brennan oesch than I am. I'm not totally decided on how I think will things will work out, but I suspect Boesch will be started off in the minors so he'll get daily at bats.

Motor City Bengals: Down on the Farm: Adam Wilk
Jay writes about a pitcher who hopes to make the bullpen this year.

Freep: Nate Robertson to have elbow surgery
The former Tiger needs more work on his elbow. That's too bad. I like Nate.

Sporting News: Race for Twins' fifth spot will be a slow one
It could go down to the wire, Stan McNeal writes.