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Miguel Cabrera homers again, Worth walk-off for the win

Wasn't some national columnist claiming not too long ago Miguel Cabrera's slow start to spring training was a sure sign the annual MVP candidate was going to have a swift downfall? I bet Jon Paul Morosi -- a normally level-headed writer -- is wishing he hadn't written that column so quickly. Cabrera hit his third home run of spring training -- if you're keeping score that was the same number he had last season -- and Danny Worth knocked in the game-winning run in walkoff fashion as the Tigers beat the Twins 4-3.


Morosi pointed out when Cabrera had his best spring training -- 2010 -- he had his best season. When he had his worst spring training -- 2008 -- he had his worst season. And at the way-too-early time Morosi wrote the column Cabrera was off to a poor start. That was what, a handful of starts into spring training? 23 at-bats at that time.

So where's Cabrera today? A .357 average, .391 on-base percentage and .714 slugging average. With six doubles, three home runs and a team-high 12 RBI.

Well then.

If Morosi's contention is right -- and I don't believe spring stats tell us much, you know that -- it should be a pretty good year.

Oh yeah there was a game today? Well in addition to Cabrera's two hits, Ryan Raburn had two of his own, including a home run, and Brandon Inge had three. After Detroit rallied back from a 2-1 deficit on Raburn's and Cabrera's home runs, Worth singled to center field in the ninth inning to score Don Kelly for the win.

On the mound, Brad Penny gave up three runs in five innings of work. Charles Furbush walked three but struck out four. Joquin Benoit pitched a scoreless eighth, and Ryan Perry the platypus picked up the win with a scoreless ninth.