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Whoops, Joel Zumaya is injured again

Joel Zumaya was injured again, you might have heard. Fortunately this time was just a routine part of the healing process,'s Jason Beck writes.

"Just a little scar tissue," Zumaya said. "They're just going to give me a couple days."

An MRI exam and x-rays confirmed the diagnosis. The tests were precautionary, as the scar tissue was expected to break apart at some point.

"We checked it out medically," Leyland said, "and there was nothing more than a little inflammation. I'm not sure when he's going to pitch, but there were absolutely no red flags whatsoever."

This is probably a good thing for Zumaya. You'd rather have an injury of this nature get out of the way pretty early in spring training still than have it happen once the regular season starts. Beck wrote the injury happened when there were still two outs and Zumaya pitched through it to get the third out, so it couldn't have bothered him too much.