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Morning Prowl: Jhonny Peralta, Magglio Ordonez, Will Rhymes

FoxSports: Minnesota Twins' pitching loses ground to Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox in AL Central
Jon Paul Morosi sees the Twins a bit ... lacking.

DetNews: Trading Jhonny Peralta could help solve Tigers' infield issues
Lynn Henning is trying to trade Peralta already. While this wasn't my favorite signing in the world, it does seem a bit early for this kind of talk. Besides, spring stats don't really matter. Let's see how things look a few months into the year.

Beck's Blog: Peralta's probably going to hit ... for Detroit
Like how this link seems to answer the one above? Peralta feels better than his numbers show
Jhonny's rebuttal: He feels fine and he'll be ready when the season starts.

Comerica Park, 48201: 2011 Broadcast Pocket Schedule Images
(Hat-tip Billfer's Twitter account)

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland is 'a little concerned' about getting Magglio Ordonez ready

Facebook: Give Will Rhymes' Facebook Page a "Like"
He'll be giving away some copies of the MSP Tigers Annual, which he wrote for. Ned Yost taps Luke Hochevar for Opening Day, sets staff
So there you go. Now we know all the AL Central opening day starters. Bonus points if you remember them all.

AL Central In Focus: Thoughts on Bullpens: Relievers, and Why They Don't Matter
Statistically speaking, bullpen quality may not make as big a difference as you think.