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Morning Prowl: Marcus Thames, Max Scherzer, Wil Rhymes

DesigNate Robertson: Defending Marcus Thames Against an Awful Hatchet Job
LA Times columnist TJ Simers repeatedly tried to provoke one of the truly nice guys in baseball, Marcus Thames, for no reason other than an excuse to write an incredibly bad column. I didn't want to link to that awful poor excuse for journalism. However, I'm happy to link to Rogo's fisking of it. The Dodgers should have pulled Simers' credentials by now. He's not a journalist, he's a sideshow. He's an awful one. Shame on him.

Tigers Den: Marcus “Tems" just brings out the best in journalists
Josh Worn writes about his experience with Thames.

Motor City Bengals: Scherzer solid in Minor League Game vs Astros " Motor City Bengals | A Detroit Tigers blog
Jay RC went to Max Scherzer's minor league start during the Tigers' off day. Rhymes has shown consistent bat for years | News
Rhymes said some might have been surprised by his 2010 performance, but not everyone was.

Fangraphs: Rhymes Grabs 2B Job in Detroit
Marc Hulet writes that the "addition of Rhymes offers an important element to the TIgers' 2011 starting lineup."

AL Central In Focus: Will Rhymes Wins Tigers Second Base Job
Corey weighs in too.

Coop Scoop: Your questions, my answers -- March 23
The Toledo Blade's John Wagner shares his thoughts on Rhymes and Scott Sizemore.

MLBTR: Twins Willing To Trade Kevin Slowey For Relief
Sometimes the Twins just serve to confuse me.

TwinsCentric: Position Analysis: Center Field