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What's new with Carlos Guillen?

What's up with Carlos Guillen? I ask this because it seems to me there's been a shift, at least judging by the Detroit News' recent coverage, in Guillen's injury status.

In a recent blog post, Tom Gage wrote:

2. Will Carlos Guillen ever play for the Tigers again? It's not unanimous that he will.

Then yesterday, in an article headlined "Carlos Guillen's Future With Tigers In Serious Doubt," the News again questions whether he'll ever play baseball in Detroit again.

(Tom Gage): One more, give me the exact date when Carlos Guillen will return. Your best guess, Carnac.

(Lynn Henning): Not to be flippant, but I don't think he will.

T: Ever?

L: Too much lingering discomfort. The Tigers will need to get on with their lives. Guillen probably gets bought out even if he escapes the DL.

Now call me crazy, but I'm wondering if something has truly changed -- reports are that Guillen's surgically-repaired kneefeels better but he has not resumed running on it -- or if this is just total speculation. I wonder that because a player who had microfracture surgery -- that's major surgery that typically requires a healthy amount of recouperation time -- in September should probably not have been expected to be ready at the start of the season.

I wrote all along that talk of Guillen being ready by Opening Day was premature, whether that talk came from Jim Leyland's mouth or the writer's keyboards. It's not a knock on Guillen or even a remark on the recent track record of his health. It's just a pretty big surgery that happened relatively recently. When Guillen came to spring training and began participating from the start, I even worried a bit if he wasn't pushing it too early.

So of course it came as no surprise when Guillen felt some pain and would not be ready to start the season with the Tigers.

Again,from The News:

When asked Thursday if he thinks he'll be back on the Tigers active roster at some point this year, Guillen replied, "Oh, yeah" - as if it never had entered his mind that he wouldn't.

"I believe in myself," he said. "But I also believe the only way for me to help this team is every day, not playing one or two days."

So why the talk about whether Guillen will ever play again in Detroit? I understand there was a set back. But I wonder if they know something they haven't really backed up in writing, otherwise the speculation seems a bit premature to me.