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Max Scherzer struggles in final spring appearance

Is it too early to use the panic button? Hmm, probably. But after the final Grapefruit League appearance by Tigers starter Max Scherzer, I suppose we could at least bring it out of the winter box and get it set up, right?

Scherzer gave up 12 -- not a typo: twelve -- runs on nine hits and a walk in just 2 1/3 innings on the mound today against the host Orioles. Detroit lost 52 14-9.


Scherzer's spring ERA was 10.38. OK, so it's just spring training, right? We can put the panic button away, right? Spring stats mean nothing, right?

Scherzer (quoted at Beck's Blog):

"I was really flying open today," he said. "Everything was finishing off onto the first-base side of the mound. I just couldn’t make the necessary adjustment during the game to fix that. I definitely didn’t have it today."

Scherzer went on to tell Beck he's got a couple of things he's doing wrong. Last season, Scherzer struggled until about mid-May when while watching film he noticed what he was doing wrong and managed to fix it before a short trip to the minors. At least he's got a bullpen session to fix it this time.

As for the rest of the game, neither pitching staff was the definition of crisp. Zach Simons was the only Tiger to limit his opponents to no hits. Everybody else was at least two hits, and most of them only pitched for an inning. Luke Scott showed he is already in midseason former against Detroit, as he had two home runs.

Detroit meanwhile had 15 hits, including a home run by Brennan Boesch. Boesch went 3-for-3. Will Rhymes also went 3-for-3 with a walk and got his spring average up to .328.