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How we see things: BYB writers project the season

It's predictions time! Last year, some of our prognosticators were pretty prescient. Will we be again? One thing is for sure, there's a lot of consistency in some of our picks, notably how many games the Tigers will win. So here, we share how we think things will go. Click the full post to have a copy of the categories and fill in your own prognostications!

Tigers projections

Category Kurt Allison Big Al Matt W David Matt L
Tigers record: 90-72 88-74 90-72 88-74 86-76 93-69
Tigers division rank: 1st 1st 1st 1st 2nd 1st
How far the team goes ALCS WS ALDS ALCS Game 162 ALCS
First call-up Weinhardt Weinhardt Sizemore Weinhardt Sizemore Wilk
Best surprise player: Wells Wells Avila Coke Sizemore Raburn
Best new acquisition: Benoit Benoit Martinez Martinez Martinez Benoit
Best rookie Oliver Wells Wells Oliver Sizemore Wilk
Best season overall Verlander Cabrera Cabrera Verlander Verlander Cabrera

AL projections

Category Kurt Allison Big Al Matt W David Matt L
AL East Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox
AL Central Tigers Tigers Tigers Tigers Twins Tigers
AL West A's A's Rangers A's Rangers Rangers
AL Wildcard: Rays Twins Yankees Rays Yankees Yankees
AL RoY Jeremy Hellickson Hellickson Hellickson Nishioka Jesus Montero Hellickson
AL Cy Young Justin Verlander
Verlander Jon Lester Verlander Verlander Lester
AL MVP Evan Longoria Cabrera Cabrera Gonzalez Gonzalez Longoria
AL Champion Red Sox Tigers Rangers Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox

NL projections:

Category Kurt Allison Big Al Matt W David Matt L
NL East Phillies Phillies Phillies Braves Phillies Phillies
NL Centra Brewers Reds Brewers Reds Reds Cardinals
NL West Giants Rockies Rockies Rockies Rockies Giants
NL Wildcard: Braves Braves Braves Phillies Braves Braves
NL RoY Dom Brown Bryce Harper Aroldis Chapman Freddie Freeman Mike Minor Craig Kimbrel
NL Cy Young Cliff Lee Roy Halladay Josh Johnson Josh Johnson Halladay Halladay
NL MVP Albert Pujols Troy Tulowitzki Pujols Ryan Zimmerman Tulowitzki Pujols
NL Champion Braves Rockies Phillies Braves Rockies Phillies

World Series Winner

Category Kurt Allison Big Al Matt W David Matt L
WORLD SERIES Red Sox Tigers Phillies Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox



Tigers record:
Tigers rank in division:
How far the Tigers go this season:
First call-up:
Tigers rookie of the year:
Best surprise player:
Best new acquisition:
Best season overall:


AL East winner:
AL Central winner:
AL West winner:
AL wildcard:
AL Cy Young:
AL champion:

NL East winner:
NL Central winner:
NL West winner:
NL wildcard:
NL Cy Young:
NL champion:

World Series winner: