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Morning Prowl: Ryan Perry, Brandon Inge's VCU, Rick Porcello

Two more days and two more nights until Opening Day. YAY!

MLive: Detroit Tigers reliever Ryan Perry knows he has to get nasty to succeed
Somebody better start pissing Ryan Perry off. Tigers manager Jim Leyland: Play ball, and make it quick
Leyland would just like to get north. I don't blame him. Memorable moments from Tigers spring training
That's a long list, and includes a lot of mentions of food.

We have a roster, now we just need the season. | Roar of the Tigers
I thought that adorable cat was holding a pair of striped underwear. I think he's reading the newspaper? I thought no one did that any more.

DesigNate Robertson: 2011 Tigers Team Preview: Good Things, Bad Things, and Random Things
Season preview Rogo style.

AL Central In Focus: What to Expect From Rick Porcello In 2011
Will Porcello finally make that next step forward? Corey thinks he has a good shot. VCU alum Brandon Inge enjoying school's run to Final Four
Raise your hand if you had VCU in the Final Four. Keep your hand up if you're a liar. Thought so. Brandon Inge talks about the success of his university's basketball team. The Five Worst 2011 Baseball Team Slogans
Remember how we looked at some team slogans? SB Nation's Jeff Sullivan picked out the five worst. Unsurprisingly, the Royals are on there!

Peavy starts rebuilding arm strength | News
Peavy threw 30 pitches off the mound on Sunday. He'll stay in Arizona for extendd spring training before joining the Sox for the home opener April 7.

Morneau aiming for Twins' Opening Day lineup | News
Justin Morneau hasn't been cleared by doctors for opening day, but he intends to be in the lineup anyway.

Twins' Jim Thome has 600-homer mark on horizon |
JI JIM THOME is closing in on a whole lot of home runs, and believe it or not most of them weren't against the Tigers.

AL Central In Focus: Twins Trade Billy Bullock For Scott Diamond
Even the Twins baffle at times.

Corey Ettinger: In yet another baffling move, the Twins have yet again traded a quality player - this time a quality prospect - for a reliever not even capable of cracking the roster. This marks the third time in the past eight months the team has decided to trade a player with the ability to consistently add multiple wins for someone who is likely to have almost no effect what-so-ever.

Sizemore continues to make strides | News
Grady Sizemore seems to be running better.