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Morning Prowl: Dombrowski, Leyland happy with Tigers

As the Tigers wrapped up spring training and got ready to head north to New York City for Thursday's season opener, GM Dave Dombrowski talked to the press about his expectations for the year.

The highlights? He's very happy and says it's the best the club has been during his time with the team (

"We have now a nice blend of young players at the big-league level, veteran players and some guys in the prime of their career. And they’re backed up by some guys behind them that are prospects that are talented. And again, the system’s deeper than it has been. So I think, from an organizational perspective, we’re further along.

Jim Leyland added his two cents, telling's Steve Kornacki:

I think we accomplished pretty much everything we wanted to do," said Tigers manager Jim Leyland. "We got the regulars ready to go, tuned up and ready to start the season.

"No. 2, we played decent. It’s cosmetic, but our record was decent so people don’t get restless. And No. 3, we saw a lot of kids play and I’m very impressed with the kids.

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