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Cabrera, Verlander among Tigers' Grapefruit leaders

Not going to spend a lot of time parsing spring training stats. What's the point? But I thought we could look at some category leaders. I mean, they put in all that time in Florida, why let the numbers completely go to waste?

For regulars in the lineup and on the mound, here are the leaders via the site.

By the way, the Tigers finished the Florida exhbition at 20-14, losing out the Grapefruit League title to the Twins. Good, I'd rather win the Central Division anyway!


AVG -- Brennan Boesch, .347 in 72 at-bats

OBP -- Alex Avila, .422 in 48 AB

SLG -- Miguel Cabrera, .595 in 74 aB

HR -- Ryan Raburn, Miguel Cabrera, Brennan Boesch, 4

RBI -- Miguel Cabrera, 16

Pitching (among Tigers who'll be in the roation)

ERA -- Justin Verlander, 0.96

SO -- Verlander, 23 in 28 innings

BB (most) -- Rick Porcello, 11 in 27.2 innings

BB (least) -- Verlander, 3 in 28 innings

Pitching (relievers)

ERA -- Joquin Benoit, 0

SO -- Benoit 14 in 9 innings

BB (most) -- Brayan Villarreal, 7 in 11.2 innings