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Leyland does not want to discuss contracts

Will manager Jim Leyland be back next season? That remains to be seen. But don't expect there to be much discussion about it before the end of the year, Leyland told the New York media.

The Detroit News' Tom Gage reports Leyland deflected a question about his contract situation from a New York writer and said that he did not feel any added pressure. If the team does well, he'll probably be back. If it doesn't, he won't. It's as simple as that to Leyland.

"I'd like to sit here and say we're going to win 95 games, that we're going to get in the playoffs; I can't tell you any of that," Leyland said.

"I've been under one-year contracts, I've been under five year contracts. It's never changed anything I do and it never will."

Leyland closed the door on discussing the topic further, saying:

"If someone thinks I've done a good enough job managing, I'll continue to manage. If they don't, I won't.

"But that's the end of that discussion for the whole year."

I've said in the past I expect Leyland will not have his contract situation cleared up until president/general manager/etc Dave Dombrowski has his future with the club decided. But from my point of view, there's no harm in letting the year play out before figuring things out. Leyland is a professional. He'll deal with it fine.