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Granderson homer off Coke is game winner for Yankees

As Curtis Granderson could tell you, things go better with Phil Coke. Or something. Forgive me, you know how I dislike this writing recaps thing. The regular season is scheduled to go 162 games. Each game doesn't even count as 1% of the season. So searching for trends is a bit pointless.

Yankees 6, Tigers 3.


So this year I'm going to try a different format. And hey, with this one you can even play along in the comments section. So this might be better for all of us.

Key stat: The top three in the Tigers' batting order went 1-for-11 with four strikeouts and no walks. The middle of the batting order can't drive home what was never on base to begin with.

Key play: Granderson broke the 3-3 tie with a home run off Phil Coke in the seventh.

Key thoughts:

-- Allison had an excellent poppy seed bagel during the first inning. She told me to inform you guys of that.

-- The Tigers were 1-for-7 with runners in scoring position. This was nearly the key stat.

-- Alex Avila had a game we can only hope he forgets quickly. Three ugly strikeouts, five left on base, and three wild pitches that he didn't manage to snag.

-- Nice to see Jhonny Peralta get an RBI. He didn't have one the entire exhibition season. In fact, two of the three runs were driven in by the bottom third of the order. So that was good to see.

-- Justin Verlander may have an ERA of 4.50 after today's game, but if he pitches as well as he did today most times he takes the mound, that'll come down quick. Room for improvement? He didn't manage to put batters away too fast and went to a full count too many times. But let's remember: that's just what the Yankees do. So I'm not going to read into it, other than to note he has a history of needing more pitches than he should.

-- Brandon Inge's short-hopped throw to Miguel Cabrera was a costly error that led to a run, and it also led FSD analyst Rod Allen to note Cabrera was exhibiting pain in his right hand after the ball bounced off it.

-- The day off after opening day is the longest day of the year.

Your thoughts?