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Morning Prowl: Phil Coke, Will Rhymes, Carlos Guillen

Can you believe we've already had a full week of games, dating back to last Friday's Florida Southern game? It already feels longer than that ago.

Beck's Blog: Phil Coke, meet the quality start
Jason Beck says Phil Coke did what you hope a starter will -- persevere even when he doesn't have his best stuff -- but needs to stop beating himself up so much. Guillen unsure of when he'll play in a game
Like five short stories for the price of one link. What could be better? News about Robbie Weinhardt, Brennan Boesch and Brad Penny as well.

Tigers' Will Rhymes credits Larry Parrish for saving career | | The Detroit News
Great piece by Tom Gage on how Larry Parrish helped Will Rhymes' career. I know Will has mentioned it a few times in passing on Twitter or in a quote but this is the first time I've seen the story told.

No Run Support "\: Soon to Be Reporting Live from Lakeland
Commenter SabreRoseTiger will be guest posting at Alli's No Run Support site live from Lakeland so make sure you're bookmarking and getting your RSS feed set up if you haven't. (And why haven't you?!)

Twitter: Casper Wells is playing on a Charlie Sheen meme already.
"I forgot to mention we've got a bus load of #tigerblood ready to be unleashed!"

Batting Third | Tough Decision: A Tight Race in Left Field
I'm not sure left field is really all that up for grabs but new Tigers blog Batting Third explores the possibilities.

SweetSpot: The BBWAA's worst mistake
Leaving Lou Whitaker out of the Hall of Fame -- not even giving him enough vote to remain on the ballot longer to establish his candidacy -- may have been the worst mistake Bill Parker writes. "Duh" I respond. However Parker tells you why. (Via MLive) Peavy anticipating Friday's first start
It'll be interesting to see how Peavy feels after his first star since a really unique injury last year.

UP Second Wave: Kurt Mensching edits Detroit Tigers annual
Finally, here's a story about me in the UP Second Wave