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Coke, bullpen lead Tigers to 2-1 victory over Phillies

I hope Phil Coke is happier with his performance today -- it sounds like he was. He allowed just a solo home run allowed to the Phillies while pitching for four innings before handing off the ball. Coupled with a nice showing from the bullpen, that kept the Tigers in the game long enough for the bench to put together a rally in the latter innings for the victory.


I should mention at this point the Tigers' game-winner came off former Tigers reliever Matt Anderson, who is attempting to make a comeback to the big leagues. Andy Dirks and Scott Thorman singled back to back after Don Kelly opened the inning with a single of his own. Earlier, Bryan Holaday homered in the eighth to tie the game.

Dirks finished the day with two hits; the Tigers had just five.

Jose Valverde, Ryan Perry, Brad Thomas and Enrique Gonzalez all pitched an inning and had a strikeout.