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Joel Zumaya to be examined by another doctor

Ah, Joel Zumaya.

Zumaya, you recall, was said to have torn some scar tissue last Sunday -- Feb. 27 to be exact -- during a Grapefruit League game. He was said to need a few days without throwing until pain went away and he'd be fine.

Ah, silly me for believing such a story. When will I learn?

The Tigers now say Zumaya is seeking additional medical opinions on his elbow. as it still has pain eight days later. So far, examinations have found nothing wrong with it, but why should that stop a tradition?'s Jason Beck wrote:

It is not unusual for Zumaya to seek a second opinion when injuries arise. He consulted with Dr. James Andrews two years ago when soreness arose in the spring coming off a stress fracture in his right shoulder. He has missed time in each of the past four seasons since his breakout rookie season in 2006.

If Zumaya is unable to start the season -- and seriously, it is way too early to start worrying about that, predicting that, or any other stuff -- Robbie Weinhardt would probably make an excellent reliever in the sixth or seventh inning in his stead.

In any case, pitching coach Rick Knapp has seen this all before and is not worried.