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News roundup: Kelly makes team, Zumaya behind schedule, Santiago up for trade?

I've obviously been busy for the past two days and haven't had much chance to blog or keep up on the news. Rather than save these for a links roundup, they need to be highlighted.

Phillies interested in Ramon Santiago?

Are the Phillies interested in Tigers' utility man Ramon Santiago? Reading the tweet from CBS Sports' Danny Knobler, you could get that idea. Of course, you could also believe Knobler was just throwing a name out as a possibility or example. That's more of how I took it.

Sounds like Phils may look to get another utility man rather than full-time replacement for Utley. Tigers' Santiago could be a possibility.

So how would you feel about that? I don't think it's that big a deal either way, honestly. He's a backup infielder. It's hard to feel emotional. I presume Danny Worth would end up getting the backup infield role that Santiago would have held. Worths' a good fielder and can play all over the place.

Don Kelly makes the club

Tigers manager Jim Leyland told the media that Don Kelly's place on the 25-man roster is safe. That probably annoys some folks who feel like you can get better offense and better defense by finding more specialized players. But can you also find one who can be the emergency catcher?

Of course, this news shouldn't come as much surprise. I've said all along that Kelly's position on the roster was pretty safe. Hey, flexibility is good for a roster, and it's good for the manager who likes to micromanage in the late innings.

Joel Zumaya may miss season opener

Although Joel Zumaya did not have any structural damage in his elbow, the pain means that he will fall behind in his spring training schedule. That means he'll probably go at least two weeks between time on the mound -- any mound -- and he'll need to work his way up to speed and make sure everything feels fine. And that means he should not be expected to be ready for the season opener.

But that shouldn't be taken as a giant setback for the bullpen. I think Robbie Weinhardt has pretty much sealed his position on the team, and I think he'll do fine. The talk of course was if Weinhardt would make the club as the long relief man. While traveling with the big league team would be great for him, it wouldn't be the best use of his talents. A guy who keeps the ball low and forces grounders could be a great pick-me-up for a starting pitcher who gets into trouble in the sixth or seventh innings. So Weinhardt should be fine, and so should the Tigers.