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Morning Prowl: Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Casey Crosby

Justin Verlander threw a lot of pitches, but who cares?
Justin Verlander threw a lot of pitches, but who cares?

MLive: Detroit Tigers starter Justin Verlander throws 114 pitches in first outing
114 pitches? ehhh, whatever. It's Verlander.

Twitter / @Jason Beck
Looks like Casey Crosby will be with Double-A Erie, alongside Jacob Turner. That could be fun to watch for the local fans.

Yankees' Curtis Granderson hardly a villain, even after beating Tigers on opening day |
Sure I dropped a few four letter words because of him, but I agree, Grandy's still my favorite player not on the Tigers. Cold temps a battle for reliever Thomas
So I guess Brad Thomas won't be visiting the U.P. anytime soon. Well, I mean, he does have this baseball gig.

Detroit4Lyfe: Barney Stinson Previews Your 2011 Detroit Tigers
I don't get it, but you might, so enjoy Rob's preview! (NSFW language).

Tiger Tales: A Detroit Tigers Blog: Forecasting The Division Winners
Lee takes the Tigers as his Central Division pick too.

Using the Pet Shop Boys to Understand the AL Central - Baseball Nation
Sure I don't get any of the jokes, but hopefully somebody will.

Beck's Blog: Scherzer makes fix in bullpen session
Hopefully that's all it took. We'll see before too long.

AL Central In Focus: Indians Send Jayson Nix to Blue Jays Former World Series MVP Dye retires
The proper response: "I thought he was already retired."