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Joel Zumaya still injured

File this under news you expected since Day 1 anyway: Joel Zumaya's return from his elbow injury is not going as well as planned.

Apparently, he was getting back on a throwing program recently only to put a halt to it already.'s Jason Beck writes:

Joel Zumaya's throwing program is on hold again after he had some discomfort at the end of a light-tossing session on Thursday, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Sunday morning. It was the first time Zumaya had thrown in three weeks, after noted orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews examined his surgically repaired right elbow in mid-February and recommended rest before throwing again.

Same song, different day. But we'll repeat the refrain anyway. The Tigers need some seventh inning help. If they get anything out of Zumaya this season, it's a bonus. As always, you just have to assume they'll get 0 innings and be pleased when he pitches one, expect one and be pleased when he pitches two. Just don't expect much, because some story lines never change.

As much as the guy has been through though, you just really feel for him and hope he's able to make it back and doesn't just end up retiring at a young age with one fun season under his belt.