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Morning Prowl: Ryan Raburn, Jhonny Peralta, Ryan Perry

Ryan Raburn of Detroit Tigers becomes first to hit retractable roof of Safeco Field |
A bit more on Ryan Raburn's historical day in Seattle on Monday: He hit the ball about 175 feet high where it struck the Safeco Field roof, making the first time that happened in the history of the field.

Twitter / @Tom Gage
The Detroit News' Tom Gage writes that reliever Ryan Perry may join the team as soon as today, but it's most likely no later than Friday. Here's Jhonny: Peralta leads Tigers' charge
Jim Leyland will be pickin' with the chickens, or something.

DesigNate Robertson: The Tigers GM Answers His Mail
Rogo, I mean, Dave Dombrowski, answers some questions from the fans.

A Detroit Tigers Passover, 2011 | Roar of the Tigers
Only Samara could write and illustrate this post, teaching about the plagues Tiger style. (Batting Don Kelly third should be the 11th plague, no?)

Rehabbing White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy is taking medication and will resume throwing in four days | News
The Sox say Peavy left the game with muscle tenderness in his right shoulder in the lat area. An MRI revealed no reasons for them to worry.

Mauer back home, working to get better
and Justin Morneau sat out a third game.

Freep: Twins without a partner in one AL category
Minnesota is now the last team in the division to win a series.