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Morning Prowl: Joel Zumaya, Scott Sizemore, Trammell and Whitaker

Jamie Samuselsen's blog: Add Tigers' Joel Zumaya to best-that-never-was category | Detroit Free Press |
Eulogizing Joel Zumaya's career. It very well may be over, but I'm not going to rush the issue.

John Lowe: Five things to watch in Tigers-White Sox series
How will the lineup do? How about Jackson? Lowe has those questions and more.

If Ryan Raburn at Second, Why Not Scott Sizemore? | Motor City Bengals
John Parent wonders why Sizemore isn't getting an opportunity. One guess: He just hasn't made Leyland feel comfortable during his time wearing the D. Right now Leyland knows what Raburn gives him. Sizemore's past appearances have been as inconsistent as Will Rhymes this year. Added guess: Minor league coaches/scouts say there's work left to be done in Sizemore's game first. Stats aren't everything. Decisions usually have a reason, but that reason isn't always known. ... But thinking about this more, that reason might just be "finding playing time for both Raburn and Brennan Boesch."

Detroit Tigers are struggling, but not as badly as the Twins or White Sox |
I don't agree that the standings are perfectly inverted -- never was believer in the Twins finishing above third -- but the rest of what Matt writes is a good recap of the AL Central so far this year.

Slumping White Sox still present challenge for Tigers |
The A's and Mariners can't hold a candle to the potential run-scoring of the White Sox, Lynn Henning writes

Joe Blogs: The Hall of Not Famous Enough
JoePos says by the numbers Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker should be in -- duh -- but "one of the most famous double play combinations in baseball history, figure to stay together in the Hall of Not Famous Enough." (H/T Ian)

Hen Eggs -- April 21, 2011 - Coop Scoop
John Wagner sums up the Mud Hens' doubleheader in quick order. TigsTown Draft Blog: Scanning the Landscape
Mark Anderson takes an early look at the draft in this freely accessible article.

AL Central In Focus: Asdrubal Cabrera and Small Sample Size
The Indians' version of Cabrera is hitting more home runs per fly ball than normal, but most of his other stats are consistent, Colin writes.

Huffman goes berserk in batter's box | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
Indians prospect Chad Huffman hit three homers and had 10 RBI for Triple-A Columbus against Louisville