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Morning Prowl: No-hit bid, EasterLeyland, MLB offense

So, about that no-hit bid … " Beck's Blog's Jason Beck writes: "But here’s the thing: For all the second-guessing this call is going to get, it’s more of an interpretation than a decision. The borderline on a play like that is reasonable effort. And while we’ve all seen Inge make plays like that down the line often enough that it seems like an ordinary effort for him, I have a hard time calling that a reasonable effort for most third basemen. And that’s the criteria."

Brad Penny Lost No-Hit Bid On Wrong Scoring Decision - SB Nation Detroit
Packey feels exactly opposite.

Official Rules |
Key words are "ordinary effort." What you consider ordinary effort may not be the same as what an official scorer does.

Added info from the rule book: Rule 10.05(a) Comment: In applying Rule 10.05(a), the official scorer shall always give the batter the benefit of the doubt. A safe course for the official scorer to follow is to score a hit when exceptionally good fielding of a ball fails to result in a putout.

a little Tigers Easter treat | Roar of the Tigers
Worth it for the picture of Leyland alone. Sam is beyond awesome.

The Detroit Tigers and Playoff Expansion: Friends or Foes? | Motor City Bengals
Chris looks at the question of whether expanded playoffs would help or hurt Detroit. My question: Why even count the first "round" as the playoffs if it's basically only a one-game play-in?

Tiger Geist " Back over .500; addressing the second base situation
John has his own eyes about why the Tigers aren't calling up Scott Sizemore.

Tigers "D" logo throughout time -- Flickr
People are always interested in the D. This looks like a poster at the ballpark.

Tiger Tales: A Detroit Tigers Blog: Offense Down Across MLB
Lee writes that the balance is shifting from hitters to pitchers, and it's not just the weather in April.

Out of Left Field: League-wide offensive struggles don't faze Leyland
Leyland agrees, saying that this isn't the slow-pitch American League any more.

Retired Uniforms by Division: American League Central - Beyond the Box Score
Continuing our quantitative look at retired uniforms. This week: AL Central.

Peavy increasing intensity as he works back | News
He threw 40 pitches in a side session at Comerica Park on Sunday. Felix aims to make domination trend vs. Tigers
Felix Hernandez slipped up a bit for a few starts but got back on track during his last game.