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Tigers' Farm Moves - 4/25/11

It's time for another look at the transactions that took place over the week in the Tigers' minor leagues. If you ever need a fix for these moves before I provide it, let me give you my process. I start at, going through each league's transactions and making a list for each of the Tigers' farm teams.

I then go to blogs associated with each team to see if there's any additional information. For the Mud Hens, that's John Wagner's Coop Scoop. He's doing some fantastic work at this site and I'd like to point it out because I'm afraid if people don't know it's there he'll stop doing it. If every minor league team had people doing stuff like this, I probably never would have started blogging about the minor leagues. For Erie, it's Mike Copper's Extra Innings. Lakeland doesn't have a devotee as far as I know, but you can get your Whitecaps info at Mlive's Whitecap page.

Or, you can skip all this clicking around and go to a comprehensive source, Mark Anderson does fantastic work tracking down all the moves that you might miss at these other sources. But let's be honest. If you're reading this, it's probably because you have about enough interest in the minor leagues to click on a few stories a week. For that somewhat limited interest, I thank you. Here's this week's moves.



Bryan Pounds (1B/3B/DH) assigned to Toledo
Danny Worth (IF) to DL


Enrique Gonzalez (RHP) outrighted to Toledo


Omir Santos (C) called up to Detroit
Max St. Pierre (C) activated from temporarily inactive list

Victor Martinez going on the disabled list with a groin injury meant the Tigers needed a substitute backup catcher. Omir Santos got that call, but has mostly ridden the pine due to Alex Avila's red-hot bat. To fill in for Santos, the Mud Hens simply activated Max St. Pierre from the temporarily inactive list. I still think it's kind of funny how either St. Pierre or Kunkel have been able to dodge the inevitable tough roster decision to this point.

When Ryan Perry returned from the disabled list, everybody wondered which pitcher would get sent down. Well, sort of. I think everybody suspected it would be Gonzalez based on performance, but the Tigers have a way of keeping you guessing. It was my assumption that they had plenty of guys who could cover multiple innings, so Gonzalez's sole raison d'etre (is it possible to say this term aloud without sounding like a jerk?) on the roster was gone. Who knows what the actual logic was, though.

The final move came just today as a balky hamstring has landed Danny Worth on the disabled list. That's bad news, but good news for Bryan Pounds. He gets the call to Toledo and might be able to pick up some regular time at third base instead of DHing all the time.



Activated Rawley Bishop (1B/3B/DH) from DL


Ramon Garcia (LHP) assigned to Erie from Toledo (made room for Gonzalez)


Cory Hamilton (RHP) placed on DL

Interestingly, all the transaction news for the SeaWolves was taken care of simultaneously with moves from above. Lose Hamilton to a line drive off his wrist? No problem. Ramon Garcia was sent down from Toledo to made room for Gonzalez. Lost Pounds to a Toledo promotion? Don't sweat it. Bishop returned from the disabled list after missing a little time with a banged up knee. The question that remains is whether Bishop will be able to step it up and fill in for Pounds' production at the plate.



Drew Smyly placed on DL
Nate Newman called up from EST

There wasn't a whole lot going on down in Florida, but the news we have is alarming. Smyly is going to sit out with a sore pitching arm until he and the Tigers figure out what's wrong. This stirs images of surgeries and lost seasons, I know. But don't forget, pitchers can lose time without having anything too serious going on. Jacob Turner, for example, missed about three weeks early last season and turned out to be better than fine. So deep breaths while we look at the bright side and hope this turns out to be nothing more than an explanation for Smyly's early struggles. Nate Newman has shown flashes of promise, but will likely be a bit overmatched at this level.

West Michigan

No moves in Grand Rapids this week.