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Morning Prowl: Victor Martinez, Carlos Guillen, Scott Sizemore

Getty Images V-Mart feels great after first on-field workout
Victor Martinez should come off the disabled list as soon as he is eligible May 4, Jason Beck writes. We might need that to get here a bit sooner.

Guillen slowly progressing " Beck's Blog
Carlos Guillen, on the other hand, is a bit further away. However he's getting closer to baseball activities. The Tigers may be trying to keep second base warm for him, but I don't think they should bother too much, to be honest.

The Most And Least Stressful Teams Of The Young Baseball Season - Baseball Nation
You know, this is a case where stats perfectly confirm what you think. This has actually been a pretty easy-going season. Note that it said "stressful" not "annoying."

The Daily Fungo by Mike McClary: Road trip -- Taking in the Tigers at Camden Yards
A friend of Daily Fungo, Doug Hill went to Baltimore to see the Tigers. This is his story.

Don’t Free Scott Sizemore | Motor City Bengals
Those awesome-looking batting stats in Toledo? A bit of a mirage, Matt Snyder writes. So don't expect a miracle. But he's still for giving Sizemore a shot because at this point, hey why not? We are about a month into the season now and second base production hasn't been there.

Detroit Tigers second baseman Will Rhymes discusses April slump |
Kind of the opposite situation for Rhymes, who is batting .185. His batting average for balls in play is .217. Interestingly enough, he's hitting fewer fly balls and more ground balls than he did last year too. So there's definitely some truth to the comments Leyland and Rhymes made in the story.

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen tweets frustrations after ejection | News
Does this have anything to do with anything? Probably not. Is it funny? You betcha!

Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco has discomfort, likely headed to DL | News
He was slated to start against the Tigers. David Huff and Alex White are the possible candidates for a call-up.