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The Stats Book: April 28

Starting off:

  • According to Lookout Landing, the Mariners have scored 41% of their runs this season against the Tigers. They have played Detroit in 23% of their games.
  • The Tigers' defensive efficiency, per Baseball Prospectus, is .691. That is, roughly speaking, 69.1% of balls in play are turned into outs. That ranks them 18th in MLB. The Royals, White Sox, and Indians are worse. The Twins are just barely better (ranking 16th at .693).
  • By UZR, the Tigers rank 21st, with the Twins and Indians far better and the Royals about equal.

Batting Average on Balls in Play:

You can't simply say a batter should have a BABIP of around .300. It varies by types of batted balls and other things. However, a quick glance at some Tigers BABIPs can give you an idea if they've gotten a little lucky or unlucky so far this season.

  • Austin Jackson .246
  • Will Rhymes .217
  • Ramon Santiago .208
  • Magglio Ordonez .200
  • Miguel Cabrera .333
  • Victor Martinez .260
  • Jhonny Peralta .294
  • Brandon Inge .267
  • Ryan Raburn .347
  • Alex Avila: .371
  • Brennan Boesch: .385

Beyond the Box Score had a nice tool for regression of some early hot or cold streaks. You can play with it yourself. I'll use it for a post later on myself.

A few from the Tigers' game notes:

  • Ordonez is one double away from 100 at Comerica Park.
  • Tigers starters have 15 quality starts in their last 21 games.

Leader boards:

  • Boesch is second in the AL in average: .350.
  • Jose Valverde is tied for fourth in the AL in saves: 5
  • Cabrera and Alex Avila are tied for ninth in the AL in RBI: 9
  • Cabrera leads the Tigers with a 1.003 OPS
  • Justin Verlander leads the Tigers with a 1.02 WHIP and 43 K
  • Max Scherzer leads the team's rotation with a 3.19 ERA
  • In the MLB the Tigers ranks 16th in average (.250), 17th in on-base percentage (.320) and 17th in slugging (.386).
  • In the MLB the Tigers rank 26th in ERA (4.54), 5th in quality starts (16), 24th in WHIP (1.37)