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Fan Confidence Poll Week 2

BUMPED: Poll closes at 5, vote if you haven't!

You might remember Fan Confidence Poll relaunched last week. Now it looks like the plan is for the results of the poll to be posted on Thursdays, so it will actually be open from Monday until Wednesday afternoon. I may even figure out how to post charts, but I get ahead of myself ...

So how'd the first week turn out? We had 531 total voters, with about 90% of people voting their belief the Tigers have a good chance at winning the division or going even further. So the average score was a healthy 75.4 out of a possible 100. You can follow the above link for a breakdown.

If you don't remember the voting guidelines for interpreting the results and voting in future polls, here you go.

0: They're bums, they'll finish in last

50: They're a third place club at best

70: They have a good shot to win the division

80: They will win the division

90: They'll win the AL pennant

100: World Series champs, baby!

So what happened since the last poll? The Tigers went 1-2 in New York, avoiding the sweep with a 10-7 victory on Sunday afternoon. Miguel Cabrera had two home runs Sunday and Brennan Boesch was 4-for-4. Justin Verlander looked pretty good, but Brad Penny and Max Scherzer didn't have the best of times on the mound.

Does this change how much confidence you have in the team? Let's find out.