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Morning Prowl: Max Scherzer, Ramon Santiago, Brennan Boesch

Beck's blog: What to make of Max Scherzer’s week
Jason finds some bright points in Scherzer's start

DetNews: Why doesn't Jim Leyland play Tigers IF Ramon Santiago more?
So from my understanding of Leyland's response, Santiago is too good to play more often, or something?

DetNews: Orioles pitcher hospitalized, may miss next start vs. Tigers
With Jeremy Guthrie in the hospital, it looks like Brad Bergesen will start on Wednesday.

Beck's Blog: Tigers lead majors in wild pitches
Jim Leyland isn't sure why, but he's looking into it.

AL Central In Focus: Brennan Boesch Exorcises 2010 Demons, Goes 4-4
Corey writes: "Overall it was an impressive performance. I'm not of the belief that Boesch will be a great hitter like he was in the 1st half of 2010 ever again, but when deployed as he was last night against less-than-great right handed pitching he can still be a very useful player."

DesigNate Robertson: Sports Talk Radio Hosts Are Terrible Writers
Bill Simonson served it up, and Rogo teed off

As The New York Series Closes, What More Did We Expect? | April
Josh Worn has a few thoughts after the first series. (hat-tip Ian at MLive)

AL Central In Focus: Central Scouting Notes
Corey watched a lot of baseball over the weekend. Here are his notes. White Sox Carlos Quentin named AL Player of the Week
A .583 OBP and 1.091 slugging were good for edging out Mark Teixeira, who seemingly destroyed the Tigers single-handedly.