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Injury updates: Zumaya has elbow surgery, Guillen cautiously testing knee

There's been updates on the status of the Tigers' most oft-injured players, Joel Zumaya and Carlos Guillen.

First, Zumaya. As reported last week, Zoom was scheduled for for surgery on his elbow. The surgery took place on Tuesday. Nothing definitive as to what is causing Zumaya's elbow pain was found.

Via Jason Beck of

Dr. Andrews performed the surgery at his clinic in Pensacola, Fla., cleaning up the elbow joint and replacing the screw that had originally been inserted last summer. The previous surgery repaired a fracture at the tip of his elbow, with the screw stabilizing the joint. The new screw is slightly different, in case that was the root of the problem.

The Detroit Free Press adds a few quotes from the Tigers to put everything in context:

"He is going to re-evaluate him in six weeks. He didn’t find anything unusual."

Andrews found that "everything is healed" in Zumaya’s elbow, (Tigers' head trainer Kevin) Rand said.

"He went under the hood and cleaned him up, and in six weeks, we’ll see where he is," Rand said.

In other words, even after the surgery, nothing has changed.

As for Carlos Guillen, he's talking ground balls, but not doing much else.

Again, via Beck:

Carlos Guillen is taking ground balls again for now, but Tigers medical personnel are proceeding cautiously with his rehab process to see how his surgically repaired left knee reacts.

Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Guillen was being re-evaluated on Wednesday by the team medical staff and physical therapist Jeremy Maddox.

Apparently, Guillen is a very long way from being baseball ready. Microfracture surgery is not something you quickly bounce back from, and Guillen is proof.

Though Guillen is not quite as long a shot as Zumaya when it comes to wearing the Olde English D sometime this season, the odds are far from being in their favor. It's a safe bet neither will suit up in 2011.