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Morning Prowl: Jhonny Peralta, Justin Verlander, Victor Martinez

Dan Dickerson spoke to ESPN970 of Marquette. Casey Ford was nice enough to pass on the audio for that, so you can download the MP3 here if you like -- Dan DIckerson on ESPN970

Victor Martinez Of The Detroit Tigers Named The American League Player Of The Week
V-Mart's big week featured a .579 average, two home runs, four walks and 11 RBI.

Oakland Press: Tigers' Peralta quietly heating up
Jhonny Peralta appreciated the standing ovation he received for his 1000th career hit. He told Matthew B Mowery:
"I feel really excited. I (didn’t expect) that. The fans here are really good, you know? I appreciate everything they do," said Peralta

Freep: Tigers' Justin Verlander will host injured veterans at each home start
"What a way for me to say thank you ... to injured veterans," Verlander said. "It means a lot to me what (the veterans) do for our country and our city."

At The Quarter Pole: Management " Motor City Bengals | A Detroit Tigers blog
Motor City Bengals has a series of posts "at the quarter pole." I'll highlight this one, since we all love to debate the manager. Chris Hannum gave Jim Leyland a B-, knowing readers would take issue with that strong a grade. He wrote:
"Leyland manages egos and manages people, not just bats and stats. If that were the whole story, I would be inclined to give Leyland a C simply for doing everything off the field right while doing everything on the field wrong."

DetNews: Tigers still paying for costly mistake of losing Placido Polanco
Lynn Henning writes on the Tigers' decision during the 2009-10 offseason not to offer Placido Polanco arbitration yet to pay Johnny Damon $8 million. He says it's a Mike Ilitch thing. I'm apt to agree. I obviously don't know for sure but I have a feeling some of the less-sound decisions by the team involve the owner rather than the general manager.

Video Highlights & Clips - MiLB | Toledo's Iorg makes a diving catch
Via TigsTown on Twitter comes this highlight of Cale Iorg running a mile at a sprinter's pace to make a diving catch. Defense looks OK to me!

The State of the AL Central " Fire Gerald Laird
Grey looks at the division and sees to favorite, Detroit and Cleveland, and one sleeper, Chicago.

Power Rankings: Top spots locked by Phillies, Indians | News
I don't normally get too into power rankings, but the Tigers are seventh on's rankings.

Freep reader column: A better way to devise the MLB schedule
It's probably not quite as simple as the reader column makes it sound but it actually is a pretty decent proposal. I propose we drop interleague but I'm in the minority I know.