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Morning Prowl: Jhonny Peralta, Justin Verlander, Victor Martinez

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Dan Dickerson spoke to ESPN970 of Marquette. Casey Ford was nice enough to pass on the audio for that, so you can download the MP3 here if you like -- Dan DIckerson on ESPN970

Victor Martinez Of The Detroit Tigers Named The American League Player Of The Week
V-Mart's big week featured a .579 average, two home runs, four walks and 11 RBI.

Oakland Press: Tigers' Peralta quietly heating up
Jhonny Peralta appreciated the standing ovation he received for his 1000th career hit. He told Matthew B Mowery:
"I feel really excited. I (didn’t expect) that. The fans here are really good, you know? I appreciate everything they do," said Peralta

Freep: Tigers' Justin Verlander will host injured veterans at each home start
"What a way for me to say thank you ... to injured veterans," Verlander said. "It means a lot to me what (the veterans) do for our country and our city."

At The Quarter Pole: Management " Motor City Bengals | A Detroit Tigers blog
Motor City Bengals has a series of posts "at the quarter pole." I'll highlight this one, since we all love to debate the manager. Chris Hannum gave Jim Leyland a B-, knowing readers would take issue with that strong a grade. He wrote:
"Leyland manages egos and manages people, not just bats and stats. If that were the whole story, I would be inclined to give Leyland a C simply for doing everything off the field right while doing everything on the field wrong."

DetNews: Tigers still paying for costly mistake of losing Placido Polanco
Lynn Henning writes on the Tigers' decision during the 2009-10 offseason not to offer Placido Polanco arbitration yet to pay Johnny Damon $8 million. He says it's a Mike Ilitch thing. I'm apt to agree. I obviously don't know for sure but I have a feeling some of the less-sound decisions by the team involve the owner rather than the general manager.

Video Highlights & Clips - MiLB | Toledo's Iorg makes a diving catch
Via TigsTown on Twitter comes this highlight of Cale Iorg running a mile at a sprinter's pace to make a diving catch. Defense looks OK to me!

The State of the AL Central " Fire Gerald Laird
Grey looks at the division and sees to favorite, Detroit and Cleveland, and one sleeper, Chicago.

Power Rankings: Top spots locked by Phillies, Indians | News
I don't normally get too into power rankings, but the Tigers are seventh on's rankings.

Freep reader column: A better way to devise the MLB schedule
It's probably not quite as simple as the reader column makes it sound but it actually is a pretty decent proposal. I propose we drop interleague but I'm in the minority I know.