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Questions, we need podcast questions!

The Internet's newest sensation, the Bless You Boys Podcast, will be recording episode two tomorrow night! Word of warning, there will be more editors than Allikazoo and myself participating this time.

In the comments of our debut episode, it was mentioned by several in the BYB community you'd like us to add a Q & A feature. We've set up a podcast email account to do just that: BYBPodcast at

We'll do our level best to answer your quires. Please mention your BYB handle with your question, so we know who's who...and so will the rest of the community!

There's a few other items of note. We've submitted the podcast to Apple for approval, and should hear soon the show will be available on iTunes. If you'd like to manually enter the podcast into your preferred audio management software, use this RSS feed: We also have a few other ideas as to recurring features on the podcast, and we'd love to hear your suggestions.

Thanks in advance, and we appreciate your participation!