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Morning Prowl: Joaquin Benoit, Interleague Play, Ryan Raburn

DetNews: Pitcher Joaquin Benoit out as Tigers' setup man, Leyland says
Jim Leyland didn't want to talk about it. Until he talked about it. And when he did, he didn't have much to say. Who will be in the eighth? Who knows. But it won't be Benoit.

Tigers Face Quite The Dilemma With Joaquin Benoit - SB Nation Detroit
Here Ian gives his take on Joaquin Benoit. Overthrowing? Maybe. It's hard to say really but it's as good explanation as any I'd say.

Daily Fungo: Dare to Compare: Joaquin Benoit vs. Jose Mesa
Well I'm not quite sure I agree with the comparison here but they do both have dislikable facial hair. Benoit is younger, better, and has only had a handful of bad appearances recently.

DetNews: Jim Leyland blasts interleague play: 'It has run its course'
Tom Gage wrote of Leyland:
Leyland said it's "ridiculous" and "totally unfair" for an American League club to have to play consecutive series in National League ballparks.

A man after my own heart! Interleague play was a ploy to get fans and outside a few highway/subway series it's annoying and pointless.

Ryan Raburn Through the Years " Motor City Bengals | A Detroit Tigers blog
As Matt Snyder points out, Ryan Raburn just never seems to start off all that well but then gets things going. Are we going to see a turnaround again in June? Let's hope so.

Welcome, Andy Dirks! We promise we support great pitching outings sometimes. Just not today. | Roar of the Tigers
Awww the Mud Hen looks so sad! And I agree with Sam. The "crowd reporter" is so annoying. I suspect it's just an intern and they're trying to get her some air time. But seriously. It's stupid.

Lost faith |
Looks like some Twins fans are on shaky ground when it comes to faith in in the decision making of key managers and management.

Freep: Tigers' Willie Horton fondly remembers Twins rival Harmon Killebrew
Horton: "He reminded me a little bit of Ernie (Harwell). He always left you with something when you talked with him."

Daily Fungo: Armando Galarraga Blows His Top
Again and again I'm glad that Armando Galarraga is no longer a Tiger, for his pitching alone but even moreso when you add on this other stuff.