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Confidence sky-high after 7-game winning streak

May 19 Confidence
May 19 Confidence

Once again, it's time to review our weekly confidence poll. Thanks to a seven-game win streak, which unfortunately ended with a defeat on Monday night and has since turned into a two-game losing streak, the Tigers have once again got the BYB voters back on their side.

The score came in at 74.8 for this week, which is the most confidence Tigers fans have had in the team since before the season started (75.5). Seventy percent of us think the team has a really good shot at winning the division.

Like I said last week, I was feeling pretty confident about things for the Tigers. My confidence only grows. Of course, it's important to remember that's relative. I'm not going to go from "could win the division" to American League champs or something. But I do feel good about the direction things are going.

Every week I write these confidence stories about what makes me feel good or bad about the season. So how about we do a change of pace and you guys tell why you voted your 80s or 90s or 100s (or 0s for that matter)? Lets try it!