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UPDATED: Scott Sizemore has been freed

UPDATED: Scott Sizemore to Detroit is now official. Will Rhymes is heading back to the Mud Hens.

Via the Official Tigers Twitter:

Tigers optioned Will Rhymes to Toledo following tonight's game. Scott Sizemore will be recalled from Toledo prior to tomorrow's game.

Original post: Attention Tigers fans: You can put away your "FREE SCOTT SIZEMORE" signs.

The Tigers plan to call up second baseman Scott Sizemore from Triple A Toledo, who will report on Tuesday..

Sizemore is hitting .408, with a 1.100 OPS, against International League pitching. Being the Tigers are desperate to generate offense, and current starting 2nd baseman Will Rhymes hitting .221, calling up Sizemore isn't a surprising addition to the roster. It's become a necessary one.

A corresponding roster move has yet to be announced by the Tigers.

This may not be the only change in the 25 man roster tonight, as rumors abound the Tigers may be calling up an outfielder as well. Notably, Andy Dirks was pulled early from the Mud Hens' game on Monday, but Toledo was also trailing by quite a few runs. I'll update as news continues to break.