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Tigers' Farm Roster Moves - 5/19/11



Activated Jose Ortega (RHP) from Disabled List
Placed Chris Oxspring (RHP) on Temporary Inactive List


Called up Andy Dirks (OF) to Detroit
Re-assigned Deik Scram (OF) from Erie to Toledo

Well, I said last week I thought at least one of Guez and Scram would be in Toledo to start the season. Now circumstances have landed them both there. Dirks certainly had played well enough (.328/.375/.527, 11 BB, 23 K, 10/12 SB) to earn the call when Ordonez was moved to the disabled list, and I'm not certain Dirks will be the one to come back when Ordonez comes back. Scram's time as a prospect has likely passed since he's now 27, but he's having a good season (.293/.406/.500, 11 BB, 19 K in 58 AB in Erie). I know that at bat total is low and according to John Wagner, that's due to some back problems.

With Ortega ready to come back after working through some shoulder issues, the Tigers have set aside their Aussie reliever, Oxspring. I'd be surprised if his temporary inactivity didn't turn into a permanent release. I suppose it's possible the Tigers are holding off on the release until they see how their pitching staff shakes out over the next couple weeks.



Traded Adam Calderone (OF) for cash or PTBNL and assigned him to Erie
Re-assigned Brent Wyatt (OF) from Erie to Lakeland


Re-assigned Brent Wyatt (OF) from Lakeland to Erie

With both Ben Guez and Deik Scram getting called up and Clay Timpner preferring release to demotion, the SeaWolves were seriously short on outfielders. How short? Jamie Johnson and Justin Henry were regulars, but the remaining roster members who had played the outfield for Erie consisted of Michael Bertram and Shawn Roof before Wyatt got the call and those two had less than ten games between them. I don't think The Tigers saw Wyatt as an everyday Double A outfielder, so they traded a player to be named or cash for Adam Calderone. Calderone is a speedy 27-year-old outfielder who is better than he had been playing in the Toronto organization (New Hampshire, Double A) this year, but he's not a prospect. Acquiring Calderone allowed the Tigers to send Wyatt back to Lakeland.



James Meador (1B/OF) re-assigned from Lakeland to Extended Spring Training


Re-assigned James Meador (1B/OF) from Extended Spring Training to Lakeland

Meador was just a ripple effect move resulting from the Dirks-Scram-Wyatt-Calderone chain of moves.

West Michigan

No moves.


Billy Alvino (C) was released
Darlyn Duran (LHP) was released
Ryan Enos (OF) retired

TigsTown had the news on these. There were some other releases down at the Latino complexes besides Duran, but he was the only one who had spent time in the States. TigsTown reports Alvino was givent the opportunity to find immediate employment (instead of waiting for the short season leagues). When Enos was bumped from the Whitecap roster, it seemed his time with the team might be limited and it looks like he had seen the writing on the wall.