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Confidence Poll yo-yo continues, so hold on to your socks

Confidence Poll Week 9
Confidence Poll Week 9

I swear one of these days I'm going to add the number of games behind (or ahead!) the Tigers were to begin the week and see if any pattern shows up. Anyway, here's this week's graph of our confidence. Down again. After the team lost five in a row. During a week the team has won three in a row. Go figure. The voters yo-yo with the Tigers. This season is a roller coaster. So strap in, or something like that.

Anyway, this week's data, for your viewing pleasure, looked like so: Overall, we dropped to a 54.1 score for our confidence. Or about a third place finish in the division, if you want to translate that to something more tangible. There were actually only two weeks with lower scores out of the nine weeks we've run a poll on BYB.

That surprises me a bit. Is this not the same team that won seven games in a row and had confidence flying? I'm not saying you have to smell like peaches when you take the cat litter out, but it seems a rather large drop. Quite a few people voted 0 or 10. Again, what the hell? Just taking out anger I guess.

So when you add it up, only 30% of fans thought the team had a good shot at winning the division. Well, today the Tigers are 5.5 games out of first place. That's only two games worse than on May 15 after Detroit won seven in a row.

So why should the confidence have dropped so much? I don't know. Joaquin Benoit seems to be getting back in line in the late innings. The pitching staff leads baseball in shutouts (7), tied with Atlanta and the much-adored Phillies staff. The Tigers' starting rotation has the best ERA in the division (3.52). They still have Miguel Cabrera, and Victor Martinez is hitting. There's plenty to be happy about.

So frankly, although this team can get pretty annoying now and then, I do feel like this season could still be a special one. My confidence remains more-or-less unchanged.