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Ryan Raburn named 2nd baseman, Perry optioned

Ryan Raburn will be the starting second baseman for the Tigers, Jim Leyland told the press after the game. Tigers fans will now proceed to panic and southeast Michigan will be on red alert until further notice.

Should they? Honestly, it doesn't really matter all that much. I mean, I'd rather see Danny Worth. If Ryan Raburn were to begin hitting like Ryan Raburn does when the summer sun heats up his bat, it's a good thing. If he doesn't, well then this will be the worst second base option yet, I suppose.

I'm afraid I just can't find the desire to care about this move because, as I said in the earlier post, this team is simultaneously boring and annoying and this move isn't going to affect how the season turns out nearly as much as some people want to tell you. So I'm afraid I just don't care.

As left-handed pitcher Andy Oliver will be called up to the Tigers to take a spot in the rotation, a corresponding move had to be made. That move happened to be the optioning of Ryan Perry to Triple-A Toledo. Why? Because he is all out of whack and everyone knows it. Addition by subtraction, honestly. Sadly there's more subtraction that needs to be done and there's really not much in the addition side of things is there?