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Morning Prowl: Magglio Ordonez, Victor Martinez, Scott Sizemore Balky right leg sapping Ordonez of power
I've said a few times I feel like Magglio Ordonez is headed for the disabled list. Honestly I'm surprised it hasn't happened by now. Further, I'm surprised that he continued to bat third for so long. And finally, I'm surprised and concerned that he's penciled in for sixth in the lineup despite telling Jason Beck:
"I'm hitting with one leg. When you're injured, you have to make an adjustment."
So should the team. I do think he'll hit eventually but right now too much is being asked of him and it's costing the team a lineup spot. Tigers activiate Victor Martinez
GM Dave Dombrowski told the media: ""He's capable of catching or we wouldn't have made the same move. We welcome him back with open arms. He's a hitter who drives in runs."

Grand Rapids Press: One win doesn't solve Detroit's problems
HURRY UP AND FREAK OUT, David Mayo writes. And then a lot of other stuff. I'm not really sure what he said but apparently all bad trends must continue always..

Detroit News: Tigers' Sizemore arrives with confidence
Tom Gage writes that Sizemore feels a lot better about being in the MLB this season than before. Sizemore believes he has a better idea about the strike zone. And that's good. He was walking more this year in Toledo for sure. But again, I just have to throw out the caution that he was striking out nearly 25% of the time in Toledo as well, so expecting a lot of whiffs too. Besides, it's always been about what happens when Sizemore hits the ball that counts: the extra- base hits.

Detroit News: Dave Dombrowski, Jim Leyland in this together
If the Tigers don't start hitting, expect changes, possibly all the way up the food chain, Lynn Henning writes.

Tiger Tales: Catcher Defense in April - Avila in middle of the pack
Lee Panas looks at catching defensive metrics and concludes: Avila has been average at controlling the running game, a little below average at pitch blocking and a little better than average at avoiding errors.