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Morning Prowl: Verlander no-hitter edition

Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander poised to join elite pitchers with multiple no hitters - FOX Sports
Jon Paul Morosi believes we haven't seen the last no-hitter by Verlander. And you know, I completely agree. With what he brings to the mound, there's potential almost every game. It's bound to happen again. Heck it wouldn't surprise me if he threw two in a season. Is it likely? Of course not. But possible? I'm not ready to say it's not.

Justin Verlander hates hits so much. | Roar of the Tigers
The poor little Royal looks terrified. And why shouldn't he be? Verlander is "a beast who consumes the sweet terror of opposing batters and excretes pure fastballs." Oh to be in Sam's head for a minute.

For Justin Verlander, two no-hitters ... and counting |
Jack Morris said that Verlander just had to slow down a bit. Verlander did, and look what happened. He's now in a fraternity of just 27 players with multiple no-hitters.

Verlander's no-hitter shows mature pitcher - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
David Schoenfield, like Neyer, debates the question of where Verlander stands on the hierarchy. This just might be the year Verlander makes the next big step by winning the Cy Young Award, he concludes.

Evolution of Justin Verlander continues with second no-hitter - Joe Lemire -'s Joe Lemire, too, noted how Verlander's maturity and pitching prowess changed since his first no-hitter. He can still throw it triple digits but only did so when there was a good reason for it. Lemire writes Verlander could be the heir-apparent to Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens.

Alden Gonzalez: Justin Verlander not a fluke | News
Verlander on pitching, rather than just throwing really fricken hard:
"Would I rather be able to throw hard? Yes. ... But I would much rather throw slower and be successful. It's just nice to have been able to throw hard throughout my career. But a lot of guys who throw hard are very inconsistent; don't pound the strike zone. I want to be able to do that more effectively."

Let’s throw 2! Tigers’ Verlander gets 2nd career no-hitter - Big League Stew
Ian writes:"If you define "ace" as someone who could hold the other team without a hit on any given night, there's probably only one pitcher on the Tigers' staff who fits that description."

Verlander's no-hitter wasn't perfect, but right call was made | | The Detroit News
Tom Gage noted the call may have been close, but no one argued or cared. Verlander went on to get a double play. Gage, by the way, says it was definitely a ball. Follow the above link to Ian's article and you can see how Pitch F/X saw it and judge for yourself. But after watching the replays and looking at Pitch F/X, I believe it was a ball as well. Do you give it to him because he's perfect? I have to say "no" on that one.

Only Brandon Inge, Magglio Ordonez felt glow in both Justin Verlander gems
Well, that and a couple of umpires...

Detroit Tigers' Justin Verlander reflects on second no-hitter, ignores superstitions |
Good, I'm glad he admits there's no reason to be superstitious. On twitter, Rod Allen said he mentioned the no hitter without messing it up too. Superstition is cute as long as you don't take it too far. So I don't mind having a little fun by saying Verlander is doing something that can't be named. Hey, Alex Avila was afraid to take a piss.

But when people react by getting mad -- actually mad -- at others who note something is a no-hitter is just plain silly. And by silly I mean stupid.

Galarraga excited for ex-teammate Verlander | News
"That's exciting," Galarraga said. "It's the best thing for a pitcher. He's great, this is his second time. I thought it was going to be a ground ball to first for the last out. If it was, people would have remembered me. If he had got a ground ball to first, [Verlander] would be laughing. He'd probably call me."

Justin Verlander's Underrated ... But Not By Hitters - Baseball Nation
Rob Neyer lists a dozen or so pitchers most people would have on their top ten list instead of Justin Verlander, who he recently named to his all-underrated list. Neyer:

"For whatever reasons, Verlander just doesn't wind up in that conversation as often as he might."
"Maybe it's because his career ERA isn't real impressive, and because he's never posted a sub-3.00 ERA in one season.
"Make no mistake, though ... Justin Verlander has been really really really good for a while now. Since his rookie season (2006), Verlander ranks sixth in the majors in innings pitched, fourth in strikeouts, and fifth in Wins Above Replacement."

Justin Verlander's Low Strikeout Total Unusual - Baseball Nation
Grant Brisbee notes that Verlander's no-hitter was strange because the strikeout pitcher only had four for the game. Another guy who only had four strikeouts? Sandy Koufax.

Now I Know How It All Breaks, Are You Feeling That, Too?: Justin Verlander and Tigers No-Hit Blue Jays 9-0 - Bluebird Banter
Our SBNation sister site reacts to their team being no-hit. As we know from last year against the Rays, being no-hit sucks unless you were in the crowd and have a ticket stub and you're into framing that sort of thing.

Verlander's no-hitter better than Liriano's -
Evan Brunell ranks this week's no hitters. I just think it's cool the AL Central had two of them in one week. Not bad, haters.