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The 2011 BYB Meet-Up: Mud Hens side trip

This is just a quick note for those of you interested in going to the Mud Hens game in Toledo on July 17th. Kindly ignore if you are not one of those people!

It seems interest in this little field trip has grown, big time. I know off the top of my head there are at least 12 people that are interested. I'd like to request that everyone go here and place your orders for tickets to the Hens game. We're aiming for section 104, or 103 if that one fills up. Obviously if you'd rather sit elsewhere, by all means, do whatever you want.

After you purchase your ticket(s), please leave a comment and let us know that you are going and where you're sitting so we can keep track. A lot of the good seat sections are already sold out and I think having everyone handle their own business is the easiest way to go about it (translation: I can't afford to front that much money and there isn't time to take up a collection). I apologize for dropping the ball, I had no idea we'd have so much interest or that this game would sell so well in advance. But it begins at 6pm, it's Latino Heritage Night, and there'll be fireworks, so it should be really fun.

Feel free to use the comments section of this post to pair/group up in order to have as many of us seated together as possible. There's plenty to do around the ballpark so we can all arrange to hang out before and after if we want. We will work out carpooling from Detroit (if necessary) closer to the date of the game. Thanks everyone!