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Morning Prowl: Magglio Ordonez, Indians, Alex Avila

Why all the hoopla for the return of a No. 6 batter, Magglio wonders ...
Why all the hoopla for the return of a No. 6 batter, Magglio wonders ...

walking off with Ramon Santiago | Roar of the Tigers
Awww that's a happy lil fella!

Jon Niyo | Tigers hope good, bad streaks will continue | The Detroit News
Leyland: "If it was the last week of the season and it was like this, it gets a little hairy. But right now it's June 13, or whatever it is."

That's really the best perspective. This series will be fun -- hopefully -- but doesn't really mean much in June unless you are a Tigers fan unfortunately embedded in Ohio.

John Lowe: Indians trying to manage without Travis Hafner
The headline may be a bit misleading, as the article mainly focuses on the changes Cleveland made that allowed the Indians to compete so strongly for the division in April and May.

By the way: The last time the Indians and Tigers played for first place in the summer months was Aug. 21-23, 2007, as best as I can find in Baseball-Reference's archives. The Tigers won the series opener at Comerica Park to pull within 1/2 a game, but lost the next two and soon fell out of the division race despite leading baseball at the all-star break. White Sox, Twins continue to build momentum
Meanwhile, the Sox and Twins are set to meet up in Minnesota tonight.

Detroit Tigers - MLB | Magglio Ordonez says ankle 'feels good' | The Detroit News
Why all the kerfuffle, Magglio wants to know, apparently underestimating his own fan appeal or something. He says he feels much better.

Michael Rosenberg: Time running out for Magglio Ordoñez to show what's left | Detroit Free Press |
Rosenberg points out Magglio is going to have to hit to stay in the lineup, because the DH spot is taken and his fielding is, as always, iffy. (Though he did have an assist on the controversial seventh inning play at home plate Monday, showing his arm is fine.)

Umpire’s call costs Rays, Maddon repeats plea for replay help - Big League Stew
Ian writes more about the call at home plate that may have cost the Rays a run on Monday. Interestingly, he points out Justin Ruggiano said after the game he should have run into Avila. Given Avila is bulkier, is that really the best idea? Catchers aren't always the losers in collisions, especially when they position themselves correctly. What you really end up with is a needless injury risk for all involved. Far better for all to slide -- just not head first, OK Mr Hamilton?

Rays Win 2-1 Over Tigers As Game-Changing Call Overruled By Instant Replay - DRaysBay
Steve Slowinski will be putting a couple of asterisks -- asterii? -- into the standings as he believes the Rays won the game. Didn't anyone learn a thing from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? Or Back to the Future? Changing the past changes the future!

Prospect of the Day: Jacob Turner, RHP, Detroit Tigers - Minor League Ball
Turner is developing well, John Sickels writes. He has a shot at being a No. 1 or 2 starter barring injury.

DesigNate Robertson: Fun Promotional Ideas for the Detroit Tigers

Rogo writes: Lynn Henning Appreciation Day is a must. What you do is plan a big ceremony before the game to honor Henning for all his tireless work as a Detroit News columnist over the years. With big fanfare, you bring him out in front of the masses by one of the dugouts to give him an award or something. Have him wave to the crowd and whatnot. Some nice music playing in the background, too. ...

But this being Rogo, it's never that simple for a hapless columnist. See his site for the rest.

Robbie Weinharrdt sent to Erie
James Schmehl reports Robbie went to Erie to make room for Enrique Gonzalez in Toledo. Gonzalez will apparently start for the Mud Hens.

AL Central In Focus: Tepid Optimism for Alex Avila
Colin McLaughlin writes that Alex Avila has definitely improved, but maybe not to the extent of his early season stats.

Frank McCourt said to have "no chance" to make the June 30 payroll | HardballTalk

Aren't you glad you don't work for the Dodgers?