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Bless You Boys Podcast 6 - Some of us remember Skeeter Barnes!

A day late and never short, it's Bless You Boys Podcast number 6...well, actually 7, if you count the show we lost to the podcast recording Gods on Thursday! But since we're only counting "released" podcasts...6 it is!

This week's roundtable includes editors Al Beaton, Kurt Mensching and David Tokarz, who discuss the past week of Detroit Tigers baseball. (Matt Watson and Allison Hagen had other commitments...though Allison did participate in the infamous lost show)

Topics covered in episode six include:

  • RIP Jim Northrup.
  • Tigers in 1st place!
  • Justin Verlander is good.
  • Who should be the Tigers' 3rd sacker against the NL?
  • Alex Avila is an All-Star, and other Tigers who shoulder get serious consideration.
  • Anyone encouraged by Magglio Ordonez's performance since his return from the DL?
  • Max Scherzer has nine victories, but his peripherals have been lacking. Are wins overrated?
  • Brandon Inge vs. mono.
  • Joe Maddon was screwed by a call, and now wants replay!
  • MLB realignment, will it ever happen?

We also answer several questions from the Bless You Boys community. We LOVE to hear from you. So remember, if you would like to have your question on next week's podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at

Final thoughts: David rails on fans who would trade Andrew Oliver, Kurt tells everyone to relax and enjoy the ride, and Al agrees with Kurt while asking Jim Leyland to stop doing that!

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