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Bless You Boys Podcast 7: Inge and Raburn together? Season over!

Bless You Boys Podcast 7 is on the air! Actually, it's only available on the airwaves if you throw your MP3 player in the air. But the BYB Podcast is live on the interwebs for your listening pleasure.

This week's roundtable includes editors Al Beaton, Kurt Mensching and Allison Hagen, who discuss the past week of Detroit Tigers baseball.

Topics discussed this week include:

  • Road trip woes.
  • Brandon Inge and Ryan Perry recalled.
  • The return of Brad Thomas is imminent.
  • Justin Verlander is unlikely to pitch in the All Star Game due to his pitching schedule.
  • What's with Max Scherzer?
  • Jim Leyland's lineups during road interleague play and his lame duck contract status.
  • Tigers' prospects Jacob Turner and Francisco Martinez picked to play in the All-Star Futures Game.
  • Twins have won 15 of 18, the White Sox are only 4.5 games out of first and the Indians aren't going away.
  • National League style baseball, to put it bluntly, blows.
  • Kurt Gibson and Alan Trammell return with the Diamondbacks for a weekend series.

We also answer several questions from the Bless You Boys community. We LOVE to hear from you. So remember, if you would like to have your question on next week's podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at

Final thoughts: Allison is so thankful the west coast trip is over, Kurt rails on fans who want EVERYONE fired and Al sings the praises of Vin Scully while thanking FSD..

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