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Afternoon Prowl: Kirk Gibson, Josh Collmenter, Brandon Inge

Does anyone have a hatchet?
Does anyone have a hatchet?

Detroit Tigers - MLB | Same old Kirk Gibson returns to Detroit in new role | The Detroit News
Is Gibson details oriented? Is Gibson intense? Does a bear poop in the woods?

Josh Collmenter to enjoy homecoming celebration in Homer before pitching against Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park this weekend | with the longest headline evah.
Small town done good pride of Homer and CMU Josh Collmenter will be rewarded by facing Justin Verlander on the mound. It really is homecoming weekend. Seriously, the Diamondbacks should be every Tiger fan's favorite NL team.

Tiger Tales: A Detroit Tigers Blog: Inge Back, Worth Sent Down
Lee's final line sums up the sadness: Unfortunately, the fact that Kelly is out-hitting two starters tells us more about the struggles of Inge and Raburn than it does about Kelly.

Third Basemen of the AL Central " Motor City Bengals | A Detroit Tigers blog
A bit of perspective: Unless you are a fan of the Royals, your team's third baseman is probably below average at the plate.

Detroit Tigers Potential Third Base Trade Targets " Detroit Jock City | A Detroit Sports blog
Matt Snyder identifies Mark Reynolds and Ian Stewart as the only two interesting names, and offers caution because of Reynolds' glove and strikeout total. Sadly the third base market is not that good. Maybe add Wilson Betemit to the list of "better than Inge's Mendoza Line" candidates. By the way you'll want to add Matt's new site to your list of daily reads.

Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta putting up All-Star numbers |
Jim Leyland is right of course, but Peralta might be fourth on the depth chart of All Stars despite his wonderful start to the year.

Jacob Turner, Francisco Martinez taking part in Futures Game | News
This marks the first time the Tigers have had 2 players in the Futures Game since 2007 -- unless someone gets an unexpected call to the majors like last year anyway.

surfing lessons with the Tigers | Roar of the Tigers
Love the board shorts! Samara imagines the surfing lessons Brennan Boesch gave Rod Allen.

DesigNate Robertson: Tiger Product Endorsements, Part I.
Phil Coke endorses Pepsi. Carlos Guillen and Joel Zumaya stand up for the Detroit Medical Center. What's next? Jim Joyce visits Dr. Rahmani?

The Daily Fungo -- Will the real Max Scherzer please stand up?
After some bad starts, some good starts, and another bad start, fans are getting worried about Scherzer. I'd rather the good Max Scherzer stand up, just in case the bad one is the real one! (He's not).