Who will the Tigers 'buy'?


The Tigers are obviously going to be buyers, but as of right now there are not that many sellers. The only teams that are even discussing selling would include the Padres, Mets, Oakland, Houston, and the Dodgers (because of McCourt). The Tigers have needs in their rotation, outfield, and second and third base. The rotation can be helped simply by fixing our current pitchers' confidence. The outfield, however, is another adventure. If Magglio produces we will not have an issue, but if he doesn't, Dirks or Wells need to step up and contribute every day. Again, another in-house fix. The biggest area that could be used in a trade would be second or third base. Inge is not hitting, and he is not valuable when he can only play defense, as Adam Everett proved. The constant wheel of a struggling Raburn, Danny Worth, and Ramon Santiago have not played all that well either. We obviously cannot get the best at both positions, but an acquisition of Jeff Keppinger and David Wright would sure make this team unbelievable. Personally, I would be happy if we could give anybody on our farm besides Turner, Martinez, Ruffin, Castellanos, Brantly, and Smyly. Kepp should be able to be had for fairly little, but Wright would cost more. Oliver would definitely be a Met, but he is worth giving up. Aside from those guys, there are some other options. Who would work out the best?


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