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Morosi: Tigers shopping Brad Thomas?

The Tigers have too many left-handed pitchers. OK. That's not quite right. The Tigers have too many left-handed pitchers who are similar and don't give me a lot of confidence. Brad Thomas is one of them. Ergo, the Tigers are trying to gauge trade interest in one of them. That one of them is Brad Thomas, Fox Sports' Jon Paul Morosi reports.

I provide a break here while you laugh at the chances of any team taking Thomas off the Tigers' hands.

Done yet?

How about now?

Pull yourself together, we're trying to write a post here.

OK. So Morosi writes

It’s not clear whether any teams have emerged as serious suitors for Thomas, the 33-year-old Australian. He is currently on what has become a lengthy rehabilitation assignment to Triple-A Toledo. He has a 2.00 ERA in six appearances there; he struck out the side in his one inning of work on Monday.

Well, good luck. Nothing against Brad Thomas, who I hear is a nice guy. But he's not a nice ballplayer, and re-signing him during the offseason was a bit inexplicable. If he recaptures his 2010 magic, at least he got left handers out. Sure manager Jim Leyland left him in to get lit up by right handers, but that wasn't Thomas' fault. Unfortunately that can't be said in 2011, as lefties are batting 400 off him and righties 375. Even in a mop-up role he can't string together enough outs to buy the rest of the bullpen much rest.

But if GM Dave Dombrowski can get anything in return, more power to him.