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Bless You Boys Podcast - Episode 4: The Ryan Raburn "situation"

It's episode four of the Bless You Boys Podcast! This week's roundtable discussion includes editors Al Beaton, Kurt Mensching, and David Tokarz, discussing the past week of Detroit Tigers baseball.

Topics covered in episode four include:

The Scott Sizemore - David Purcey trade: Why? Thoughts - Good, bad, indifferent?
The roster fallout from the trade – Ryan Perry, Adam Wilk down, Danny Worth, Andrew Oliver up: Who'll be back, who's here for good, and just what has happened to Perry?
The Ryan Raburn "situation": And it's definitely a situation. But what to do with him?
CBS Sports rakes the Tigers over the coals in their power rankings: It's funny 'cause it's true!
ESPN drafts franchise players 1-30, Verlander drafted 16th, Cabrera gets snubbed: HUH? Seriously? Snubbed?

The editors also answer several listener questions. Remember, if you would like to have your question on next week's podcast, just email us at BYBPodcast at

Final thoughts: Kurt and David debate the merits of the MLB draft. There's no middle ground, either you like it, or you are bored stiff by even the mere mention.

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