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You have BYB podcast questions? We want to hear them!

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The Bless You Boys editors will be recording our latest podcast tonight. We've been happy with the number and quality of questions we've received, and they have become an important part of the show. I'll be working on the podcast outline during today's game, so your questions are sorely needed!

You can email your questions to: BYBPodcast at

Please mention your BYB handle with your question, so we know exactly to blame credit!

Don't like the electronic mail? No problem! You can also leave your queries in the comments of this post or reply to our Twitter, @BlessYouBoys.

Once again, we thank you in advance, and appreciate your participation!

FYI: We'll have a special guest joining the editors for this week's show. He's a frequent BYB commenter and Tigers blogger who happens to be a master of the difficult to learn art program known as MS Paint.


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