Fantasy vs. Reality: What Would You Do with the Tigers Lineup?

Instead of spamming the comment section every game recap with different propositions for lineup changes, let's do the deed properly. My question is twofold: first, put your managing hat on and give your dream Tigers lineup (with the current roster, of course). Also, make sure to explain what you would do with Maggs once he gets off the DL.

Second, try to dive into the mind of one Jimmy Leyland and suggest a change or two that would be reasonable that our skipper actually has a realistic chance of accepting (i.e. not putting Cabrera third, since we've already realized that this won't happen).

Here's my suggested lineup:

Jackson - CF

Dirks - LF

Boesch - RF

Cabrera - 1B

Martinez - DH

Peralta - SS

Avila - C

Santiago/Worth - 2B

Kelly - 3B

As I've stated in previous threads, I'm happy with how things are right now; thus, the very subtle changes to the lineup. I like Kelly's defense at 3rd, so I'm keeping him there instead of moving Peralta to 3rd with Santiago or Worth playing SS full time. I don't think either of those guys provide that much more offense to warrant the switch. Either way, you're going to have a plus defender and an average one (Peralta) on the left side.

If Wells plays for Dirks, I'd still bat him 2nd. I'd assume that he would be in right field with Boesch moved to left field.

Once Maggs gets back, he's going to take one of the outfield spots, so either Dirks or Boesch will be out of the lineup above. Ideally, I'd slot Magglio 2nd with Boesch still hitting 3rd. If Dirks plays, Maggs would hit 3rd with Dirks still 2nd. In Jim Leyland world, I would like to see Santiago/Worth hitting 2nd with Maggs 3rd (again, we're going with what Leyland would do) with Boesch moved down to 7th or 8th in the order.

DFA Ryan Raburn. Thanks for the runs yesterday, buddy.

So what say you, BYB? How would you tinker with the batting order if DD gave you the phone call?

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